Dr Michelle Ulor boasts a wealth of industry experience, particularly in the dynamic realms of startups and venture capital (VC). She has collaborated closely with founders to drive innovation and success, while also shining a light on the value academic research brings to the startup world, helping them adopt a mixed methods approach to user research, develop long-term research strategies, apply for government-funded grants and more. This research and development expertise and invaluable insights have made her a sought-after expert by various VC-backed mental health companies through Zinc’s venture builder programme. Additionally, she played a pivotal role as the deputy lead for a UKRI-funded incubator tailored for academic entrepreneurs, showcasing her dedication to fostering innovation within the academic community, and previously served as a research advisor for eargym.

In the venture capital arena, Dr Ulor has demonstrated her commitment to nurturing incoming talent by designing and delivering a high quality educational training programme as part of Newton Venture Program. Founded by Localglobe VC, London Business School, and HSBC Innovation Banking, she took the lead on this programme to create a comprehensive and impactful learning experience for aspiring professionals in the field, combining teachings from distinguished professors at London Business School and Oxford Saïd Business School, with practical insights from experienced venture capitalists.