In the realm of music and wellbeing, Dr Michelle Ulor has been captivating audiences through various public engagement platforms. Renowned for her expertise, she has graced the airwaves of BBC Radio with insightful interviews on the topic of music and science. Dr Ulor's participation in panel talks and podcasts brings her wealth of knowledge to diverse audiences, fostering meaningful discussions and advancing understanding in her field.

Furthermore, Dr Ulor's innovative approach to merging music and wellness has led her to conduct sessions at conferences, bridging the gap between academia and practical application. This isn't only confined to academic circles alone, as her impact extends to artistic spaces, where she has run workshops in art galleries, offering participants a unique blend of creativity and self-care.

Through her engaging presence and expertise, Dr Michelle Ulor continues to inspire and educate audiences across various platforms, enriching lives through the powerful combination of music and wellbeing.